9 Things Successful People Do Differently


I posted this on Instagram a few days back so I thought I would break it all down and go into a little more depth. This list I go through each and every day now and as simple as it sounds I can guarantee you can get a lot from this list! Successful people are not built differently they just do things differently and this right here is the start – follow carefully…

Measure & track progress

Doesn’t matter what you are doing whether big or small this is a MUST. If you are not measuring and tracking then how do you know if you are winning or losing? Profitable or making a loss?

This can be factored in with your goals, your website, your strategy plan whatever you are focusing on the most make sure you can determine what the outcome is to be!

The best way you can measure and track is just by jotting it all down. Giving yourself time frames will always help and just makes total sense at the same time.

Focus on being productive, not busy

I laughed when I read this one but at the same time when I thought about it, it is something that I can still sometimes find myself doing! By this, I know that I have an important task that needs to be done but instead, I take the easy option and end up doing something which does need to be done but not as pressing or as important as the task that has been put off.

The fix? I make sure my first tasks of the day are the hardest and now even though it may seem as if I am getting less done I am ticking off and completing tasks that mean a lot more in the long run.

Avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect

The truth is nothing in this world is perfect, the sooner you understand this the better! Instead of trying to make things exactly how you want or see it the best actual option is just to do it! If I wanted each blog post to be perfect it sure wouldn’t allow me to produce as much content as I currently do. In fact, I would be in the situation where I didn’t create anything at all! There is a long list of things I think I could do a lot better, but you know what I am all about taking that action and going with it!

Is it perfect? Of course not – is there a mistake here and there? You bet ya! But I know that if I wait for perfect then I will be waiting a very long time.

Make logical informed decisions

Logical decisions I believe is a process that comes from making logical decisions and then learning from them. The honest truth is learned from the decisions you make and end up not been how you think it should have been.

Maintain a positive attitude and learn from mistakes

Mistakes make us the person we are today there is no denying that. So no matter what happens stay positive! When I used to ring/approach prospects and getting everything all in place in terms of agreement and proposals and then they turned around and said they don’t want to work with us anymore!

I use to think the world was against me and would get frustrated and think why did I bother in the first place? Now my attitude has completely shifted and I think to myself now – “well it’s their loss” and on to the next one!

Focus on making small continuous improvements

Step by step, little by little its great setting massive goals beyond our reach but it comes down to the planning of getting there which is important. As you know I focus for example on winning each and every day and then at the end of the week I can look to see – did I win the week? End of the month same question – did I win this month? I don’t from the first of the month expect or think that I am going to win this month! Because first of all going back to “measure and track” I am not really measuring against anything!

It may take time but if you know where you gotta get to be patient and just continue to make small improvements!

Keep things simple

Over complicating is overrated! I used to be a sucker for this… A great example was producing content and one of the reasons why I ended up not producing as much as I should have! I used to read other people’s blogs and see 1500+ word articles and think yeah I can sure do this – little was I wrong! I was trying to do bite more than I could chew, now I just write and see where it takes me! You will find that you actually, in the long run, end up been more productive and get more done than you expect!

Take decisive and immediate action

This ties in with a few points above, the way I sum it up is to just go with your gut! The action you take me be wrong but what is the worst that can happen?

Create and pursue focused goals

Goals are one thing and focused goals are another! If you are not creating goals now – then what are you currently waiting for? There are many resources when it comes to goal setting and the honest truth is – you’ve just got to do you and do what works for you best. The one thing I do say to take away from creating and pursuing focused goals is: Write it down and read it every single day and like above make small consistent steps each and every single day towards your goals!

I hope you can take something away from this post and please leave a comment below on which you are currently doing, and which you need to focus more heavily on!


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